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Rob Rix

As an alternative spin on it, perhaps it's a possibility to have a product that reconfigures?

To give an example, I do a wide variety of text editing. Some of it will be cleaning up garbage HTML I'm given to work on. (This is an instance where WYSIWYG needs to simply shape up or die!) Some of it will be new coding. Some will be creative writing, some will be e-mail, etc etc.

I use TextMate for every bit of it, not because it's all things but because it can become what it needs to be.

Simplicity does not necessarily preclude complex results. As an example, look at the dragon curve: you can make this thing by simply folding and unfolding a strip of paper in a very straightforward way, and yet it's the most stunning, complex, and beautiful mathematical form I've seen.

Put another way: simplicity is best when it's narrow depth rather than breadth. A small feature-set, certainly, but widely applicable.

Getting it right is hard.

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